• How can I attend?

    You can simply purchase your ticket online, or at our ticket outlets (don’t forget to order your meals):

    1. Online at SoireeEnBlanc.ca
    2. In person at The Best Western Downtown Invermere

    This is an ADULTS ONLY event. 

There is a registration deadline, so be sure to register promptly.

  • Why white?

    White attire, tables, and dinner ware create a distinction between guests and the surrounding environment and onlookers. With the theme of building community, white is the color of ALL colors when brought together. There is beauty in seeing people from so many places simultaneously stream into a central location; all dressed for a similar cause.

  • Is this a free event?

    To help cover the costs of this event we have added a nominal entry cost to ensure this events success. 
Soirée en Blanc is focused on building community and establishing relationships; not profit.

  • What must guests bring?

    Dinner if you choose not to purchase from one of the restaurants, white centre pieces, wine or other classier glasses.

  • Attire:

    Guests must wear ALL white. Be original and classy.

  • Why is the schedule so strict?

    This event relies on prompt individuals to simultaneously flood the area with their presence. The event location is kept secret until the last moment – you will receive an email and a text on the day of the event notifying you of the selected location. Please make sure that your bags are packed and you are ready to jump into action when the location notification is sent.

  • Schedule:

    12:00 – Secret event location revealed via text/email
    6:00 – Event Grounds Open
    7:30 – Wave your napkins – it’s dinner time!
    8:30 – End – Dance/Live Entertainment

  • What happens if it rains?

    This is an outdoor event. If it rains the event will continue. White umbrella perhaps?
    Will there be live music?

    Yes. There will be live musicians at the event providing music during the dinner and continuing through the evening as dancing commences.

  • Will members from this year’s event receive invitations for next year’s event?

    Yes. By attending the event this year, all guests will receive an invitation to next year’s event. Next year’s location is going to be different… and secret. It is likely that next year’s event will be Invite Only, we hope you join us this year to get in on the ground floor!

  • Included with ticket price:

    Band & DJ, decorations, seating/tables and sparklers. If you purchase a meal you will also receive napkins & utensils.
    Additional Costs:

    Dinner Options: Chose you dinner from one of the three restaurants/caterer with varying price ranges, or bring your own three course dinner in paper containers. Please note if you purchase your ticket within one week of the event you must bring your own dinner.

    Wine & Beer available for purchase at venue

  • VIP Tables:

    Limited VIP Tables “head tables” include special decorations including centre pieces, drink tickets, prime seating for the band, meals chosen prior to a week before the event. 8 seats for $800.00.