Engage in a timeless tradition dating back to the 1980’s in the heart of Paris, France, where a small group of friends inspired what is now a global phenomenon. With the desire to share a intimate meal together, a young man in France created the concept of a dinner in white. Inviting his closest friends, he instructed them to wear all white and bring the necessary items for having dinner – food, drink, table, chairs. They dressed in white from head to toe so as to recognize one another in the crowds of Paris. They met at a public location and set up their impromptu dinner.

In the following years, as these close friends invited their closest friends, this dinner in white grew in leaps and bounds. As tradition stands, none of the guests know where the dinner will take place. Informed only of the date of the event they prepare a meal and have all items ready and bundled. In addition, no one can come to the event without personal invitation. Over twenty years after its creation, Diner en Blanc has become a ‘secret’ sensation. On the night of the event, guests are alerted of where to bring their table and meal, and they quickly rush to the scene.

At the finale of the evening all is packed up and carried away without a trace.

Soirée en Blanc Today

People from all cultures and backgrounds attend this yearly “flash-mob” style diner, creating a remarkable feature of dining tables and guests… all adorned in white. The dinner party transpires in various forms and pseudonyms, circulating the globe and reaching such cities as Chicago, New York, Milano, Montreal, and Brisbane.